About the Artist

 Hello! I'm Martina Monet a 26 year old self taught artist of many mediums. I'm focusing on my love of oil painting, jewelry making, and creating functional products with my original artworks right now! I'm currently based in Southern California but I hope to travel the world as an artist soon!

The beauty and wonder of nature is what i'm most inspired by when i'm creating. I aim for my work to exude an essence of natural ethereal imperfect beauty and gratitude for the gifts mother earth gives to us. I often create in many different mediums to reflect my emotions and constant evolution in a way that can't be vocalized. I'm motivated to continue sharing my art with the world in hopes that it will resonate with someone and help them to see the beauty in themselves and the world around them. Whether that be through preserving flowers, foliage, and natural crystals in resin, painting the illusion of reality onto a blank canvas, or weaving a home for a stone through my wire wrapping. 

My journey with art began at a very young age and my interest in art was first piqued by my mother, I would watch her craft and became fascinated by the way she drew simple fruits so gracefully and could actually bring them to life on a blank piece paper that I wanted to emulate that beauty. From then on you could always find me either, drawing, painting, or sewing and crocheting with my mother as best as I could. Over the years my expression manifested itself in many different ways unique to myself and my own experiences, moving from medium to medium. 

I finally decided to share my art more with the world in 2017 on small platforms but I didn't launch my business until 2019. I always used my art as an escape before then and a way to express myself, but mostly privately. In late 2018 I stopped creating for a while after the passing of my older brother, Terrance, AKA BD. After suffering such a loss nothing felt real to me and I almost stopped creating for good. I continue because I believe my brother would be proud to see me thrive off of my artwork and to live life happily always expressing myself and taking risks, just like he did. Currently my artwork is one of my mechanisms I use for healing and motivation to move forward in life.

Through your support of my artwork I've made many accomplishments such as having my art homed in almost every state in the US and a few different countries, and finding myself again in the process. I hope to continue creating as a full time artist, sharing my work around the world and spreading love for as long as I live.

Martina Monet♡